Gear Up for Bespoke Movies

Magic Lantern Film Club presents ‘Breaking Away’ – September 4th 2011

On a yard on a hill top somewhat off the beaten track, ‘A Summer’s End Soiree’ begins to unfold upon the cool evening.  Bunting is hung carefully from guttering and lanterns spread pockets of light in the dim.  A lady makes popcorn, and places the bags into a homemade box to hand out to the audience.  A group busily cores fruit in readiness for juicing.

The feel of this outdoor cinema was effortlessly lovely, with the bike race around the makeshift track providing a warm-up act that made strangers into competitors, then friends.

The movie itself was a slow burn coming of age story.  Disenfranchised youths lounge in quarries, cycle, fight, and hope for something better.  The ‘something better’ remains a hazy ‘perhaps’, but friendship and family is the constant to live for.  A familiar story, but a sentiment as poignant now as it was when the film was released in 1979.

Thanks to Abundance for the juice, Caffe Carino for the coffee and ReCycleBikes for the venue.

Book your free ticket for the next film in plenty of time.  Bring a chair, some warm clothes and maybe a few tins, and experience the Magic Lantern Film Club live up to its name. 


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