Staking Claims and Claiming Steaks at The Lescar

The Lescar – September 9th 2011

I am nothing if not opportunistic, so when The Lescar’s facebook page advertised a free meal from their new menu to the first twenty people to ring up, I was all over it it like Nigella on fudge cake at midnight.  Or perhaps like Fern Britton when offered a hearty meal pre-rapid weight loss.  Or maybe like a hungry person who is offered food for nothing.  Yes, most like the last one.

When four scruffs with steak on their mind (and certainly little of monetary value) plonked themselves expectantly before a waiter, they were not, I imagine, quite the prospective customers The Lescar were hoping for.

The staff responded heroically to the realisation that they weren’t going to get much out of this deal, deciphering grunted orders, and fielding unintentionally aggressive questionings with grace and flair.

“Do you like cider.

“Yes, I love cider”

“Then what’s your favourite cider” I asked, with intense and squinted eye.  I must, must, must learn to control that eye.

The food won’t always be free (though you can bet your socks it’ll be good) but The Lescar offers a gamut of under a fiver events for your enjoyment. Notably, ‘Jazz at The Lescar’  every Wednesday for three of your round pounds.

You can join their mailing list here


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