Untapped Forces Lurk in Upperthorpe

Art in the Park present ‘Fruit Tree Day’  – September 11th 2011

Held on a small path running through a green in Upperthorpe, it was a bit tricky to find this inner city artistic retreat.  Pete reckons it was a bit like Narnia – you just stumbled into it.  Unfortunately, Mr Tumnus was not in residence.

The potential was there for a momentous adventure – an army of enthusiastic volunteers waited in a state of yoda-like readiness to take your child on an oak planting quest; the ambrosial juice of Abundance’s Broomhill apples was freshly pressed and waiting to quench your tired miniature hero’s thirst.  There was even a bit where they could take stock of their horticultural achievements by expressing themselves through the sort of epic fruit poetry that a young Homer would be proud of.

But Yoda can’t teach Luke if Luke’s chilling at home.

So, in summary, this would have been really cool if the directions had been a bit clearer and a few more people had come.  This was my first Art in the Park event.  I’d definitely drop by again.

And finally, some words from Yoda on community development for you to reflect on:

“Go, I will. Good relations with the Wookiees, I have.”

Wise words indeed.


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