Hit and Run Poetics

I found this poem walking through Broomhill on a summer’s evening.  It was about the time that the students were moving out, and I suppose this fell from one of their bags.  Or it was wilfully dropped in a last ditch attempt to coax fate into reuniting them with their lover-gone-by.  It’s the sort of thing I would have done.

‘June’ is a piece of writing that most of us can relate to. It flavoured the walk home with the taste of my own short-lived, clumsy and generally tragic love stories, and made me do the sums that all of us do occasionally of whether things were better then or now.   I wish I could talk to the person who wrote it.

Inspired by this, and the Guardian’s Book Swap project, I’ve been considering whether we could set up a city wide exchange.

A group of poets select three of their best, hand write a few copies and then leave them places where they can change somebody’s day.  If there was a link to a website underneath the poem, the finder could post their response and maybe start up a dialogue about it.

Please share thoughts, and if you’d like to take part, let me know.


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