What Would Captain Planet Do?

Peope and Planet present ‘An Ethical Tour’ – September 23rd 2011

In spite of the fact that I have no current plans to repay my student loan, a strong urge compels me to exploit University/Union services to the utmost extent of the law.  It’s important to get one’s money’s worth.

With this in mind, I adopted my ‘startled fawn’ face in the hopes of passing as a fresher and joined the People and Planet guides on the concourse for an ethical tour of Sheffield replete with free samples.

People and Planet are a student group who are apparently a bit like The Green Party.  They’ve recently won a campaign to stop the Union’s shop from stocking water bottles and the next big challenge is to get them to bank with upright Co-operative over Natwest, a subsidiary of ‘The R’Oil’yal Bank of Scotland’.

The plan today was to hit Beanies, the Union shop, New Roots, PJ Taste, Co-op Bank, Blue Moon Cafe and Access Space, which in terms of free stuff equated to some sausage roll, elderflower cordial, a tiny Cappucino, one truffley cupcake and a tote bag.  While this made for a pleasing lunch, I also learnt the following:

  1.  PJ Taste stocks Our Cow Molly milk.  The milk on the shelves today was in an udder at 5am this morning at Cliffe House Farm in Sheffield.
  2. New Roots shop has a very cool downstairs area open to the public, featuring a saggy old couch and a piano.
  3. Beanies in Crookesmoor stocks vegetarian fish fingers.

These aren’t the cheapest of places, but every penny spent helps rather than hinders the welfare of workers without negatively impacting the environment.  You don’t need to get a tattoo saying ‘what would Captain Planet do?’ to prove your green credentials – just splash out once in a while in the name of a good cause.

Keep updated here on  when the next ethical tour is coming up.  I’ll be there for the free lunch but I’ll trawl the pocket fluff for a few quid for coffee too.


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