Sheffield’s Fairs and Markets: Weekend Explosion!

Here for your delectation – A round up of this weekend’s markets and fairs.

St Mary’s Vintage & Craft Market

Entry Requirements: £1.00.  This included entry into a draw to win a print of the Tinsley Towers.

Twee Factor:  Produce ranged from Kath Kitson to Albert Trotter chic on the whimsy scale, with a good selection of badges, jewelry, prints and handmade clothing.

Something for Nothing?:  St Mary’s have had a rough year due to cuts and sadly had to close their fantastic cafe and put the brakes on The Sharrow Pie Experiment (not to mention having to lay off many of their staff).  The pound entry fee will help them to get back onto their feet.  A warm feeling of philanthropy for not quite nothing?  Good enough for me.

Comments: There wasn’t much we could buy for our budget but in terms of window shopping, this was an all round win.

Overall bunting score: ****

Harvest Festival and Woodfair at Lynwood Gardens

Entry Requirements:  Nowt.

Twee Factor:  Less twee, more rugged rural.

Something for Nothing?:  Free juice from Abundance and some pleasant music.

Comments:  It was great to see this largely unused bit of ground transformed for the day.  It would’ve been nice if it had been advertised more in Broomhall.  The local residents didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on.

Overall bunting score: **

Netheredge Farmer’s Market

Entry Requirements:  Repetitions of “I will keep my fiscal wits about me” are useful, lest you leave much much poorer than when you entered.  I accidentally bought a £9.00 Nepalese bobble hat.

Twee Factor:  A particularly Northern brand of twee, with dashingly uniformed brass bands,  hefty loaves, Ostrich eggs, sausage, and used books.

Something for Nothing?:  Pete partook in some free tasters.  Apparently they varied in quality.

Comments:  Certainly the biggest of the four events, sprawling over a few streets.  Plenty of footfall which made for a bustling atmosphere.

Overall bunting score: ****

Zine Fair

Entry Requirements: An appreciation of the DIY attitude

Twee Factor:  More hip than twee.

Something for Nothing?:  Lots of freebies.  My favourite was a tiny book made by Catherine Elms on ‘Things I dislike!”.  This is what I think is great about zines (homemade magazines usually about a niche subject) – they’re personal pieces shared with a complete stranger.  You have to admire the fearlessness involved in producing a zine.  And the individuality of the product is always refreshing.

Comments:  Welcoming, nice venue, wish we’d been able to stick around for the workshops.

Overall bunting score:  ***


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