Cabaret Fantastiques

Tonight the crew of Cabaret Fantastiques hit the shores of The Riverside.  We catch up with mindreader and most excellent friend of freesheffield, Peter Antoniou to find out what to expect from this eclectic extravaganza.

First off, I’ve invited a friend who is concerned that because this event is free, it must be a bit rubbish. Can you confirm or deny this?
I’d like to deny it!

Maybe that makes me sound big headed, but the cost it certainly no reflection on quality.

The event is the final event in Mental Health week. They wanted people not normally engaged with mental health issues to come along to the events, and there would be information available. It’s not a preaching session though! It’s all fun all the time. After all what’s better for your mental health than a good giggle?!

What I’ll say is this: you’ll lose nothing by coming along as it’s free. So come along and try it.

Can you describe each Cabaret Fantastiques star as an animal please. Feel free to give reasons.

Well we have only announced one other act at the Cabaret. We hope to have a surprise for those of you who turn up.

The other act is Glenn Moore, who is officially the second funniest student comedian in the UK. He is no longer a student though, now working as a full time comedian and broadcaster. If Glenn was an animal he’d be a Panda. I don’t wish to elaborate for legal reasons.

As far as what animal I’d be? Well I’d like to say something cool like a tiger, but realistically I’d be something disappointing like a marmot.

What’s The Riverside like as a venue? I hear it’s actually a massive boat straddling the shores of the Donne.

I don’t understand the words that comprise the question. The Riverside is a cracking place. It is Sheffield’s only ‘not-for-profit’ bar, which means it is a bar with a social conscience.

That means you can go, have a few drinks and not feel bad as you are technically helping a charity. They have great food, so I’s recommend you get down there early and have dinner before the show. Or even dinner during the show.

I’ll be there early so if you read this, and then get there early come and say hello! But I should warn you, I don’t share my chips…
Peter Antoniou, it’s well known that you are allergic to chocolate. Given a chance to eat chocolate again at the expense of your psychic powers, would you take it up or turn it down?

I’d keep my psychic powers I am afraid. It’s how I make my living, so even IF i could eat chocolate again, I’d have no actual money to buy the chocolate thus making the sacrifice ultimately pointless.


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