A Very Sheffield Halloween

Well, because we’re nice, we thought we’d bring you a selection of fine Sheffieldian characters as costume inspiration during this most ghoulish time of the year.  Free to make, and most importantly, horrid –  Northern Halloween-goers, enjoy.

Zombie Jarvis Cocker

Costume Requirements:

  • One for the indie boys amongst us.  Wear your normal clothes and make sure you’ve had a heavy one the night before.
  • Pop on some Eau de Henderson’s. Because That’s What Jarvis Would Do.

Handy Catchphrase:

  • “You’ve got to understand. She’s not really breathing no not at all”
  • “The mark of the devil is upon you”
  • “You’re a nightmare”
  • “I want to live like undead people”

All actual Pulp lyrics.  Except that last one.

The Ghost of Nick Clegg’s Reputation

Costume Requirements: 

  • Yellow tie.
  • Ability to cross your fingers behind your back.

Handy Catchphrase:

  • “I should have been more careful perhaps in signing that pledge”

Your Creepy First Boyfriend

Costume Requirements

  • A willingness to emulate this upstanding gent.
  • The quiet acceptance that you won’t be taking anyone home with you from the soirée.

Handy Catchphrase

  • ” I still have a bit of your hair…”

Bad Bertie

Costume Requirements:

  • One of those black and white t-shirts from them soft-goth days (or your art-Française days if you’re a little older)
  •  A ruddier than average complexion.

Handy Catchphrase:

  • “I’ve been watching you and your family.”

Enjoy Halloween you crazy cats.

That’s all folks!


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