Occupy Sheffield

I overheard a couple of cooks at work the other day discussing the occupation outside of the Cathedral.

‘Well it’s not going to change government policy is it?’

Well. We’ll see.

At present, they’re a disparate group composed of everybody from anarchists, to Christians. They don’t always agree but together they’re looking at a complicated machine and trying to decide the best way to fix it.

They’re getting organised though there isn’t a plan yet. It’s fair to say they’re all pretty definite on the policies below:


High profile feminist Naomi Wolf has publicly shown support for the occupation here, and word is that they’re hoping to stay until at least the new year.

I think public discussion of how we can improve our society is a more powerful force for democratic change than the vote itself.  Sharing our experience gives us a clearer idea of where we want to head together in the future.

Head down, and chat, even if you disagree with what they’re doing.  If you’re not happy, the least you can do is make yourself heard.


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