Stealth Rhymers

Tins    /cans    /bottles    /tubs    /envelopes    /cig packets   /boxes

Stuffed with a poem and a log book with enough room left for at least ten more poems.

If Looking:  

  • Feel free to take a poem with you to put in the container.  Either your own or a favourite of yours.
  • You might need a pen to fill in the log book.

If Found:

  • Please leave a comment below or in the container.

Want to Join in?:

  • Get a poem, put it somewhere.
  •  If you’d like other people to know the location of the poem, message Free Sheffield and we’ll update this page with the details of your drop.

@ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $ % @ # $

Drop Number One (02/12/11)

#Central Library#

Planted without much ado within Words on Words by David Crystal and Hilary Crystal (808.882) – you’ll find it at p.50 of ”The Language of Youth and Age’ section, which is an interesting read in itself.

Drop Number Two (04/12/11)

#Coffee Revolution @The Student’s Union)#

Beneath the Joe Scarborough painting as you walk through either set of doors are two green armchairs.  The poetry egg is in the left hand chair. It’s been pushed right under the pillow on the side closest to the wall.

(This one has disappeared somewhere)

Drop Number Three (09/12/11)

# The Winter Gardens#

Hidden in plain sight.  If you enter through the doors on the Peace Garden side, there’s a largish container in the first plant pot on the right.   Be careful picking it up and replacing it, the security in here is insane.  I’d suggest perching on the bench and discreetly shuffling over to it in a quiet moment.

(This one too)

Drop Number Four (16/12/11)

#Devonshire Green#

Walk from The Green Room down the path next to the car park.  On the left next to the bike stands is an upside down L-shaped piece of metal that serves no ostensible purpose.  The packet is in its mouth.  Alot of effort went into to this one, it’s full of love poems.

(To be fair, this one has gone missing as well)


2 responses to “Stealth Rhymers

  • Emily


    Well I got two things out of this. Firstly I had never really noticed the painting in Coffee Rev before, and secondly I got a lovely read of this poem. Short but sweet. Like an expresso with five sugars. Keep going with the idea!

  • louiskasatkin1

    Of all the city’s streets
    there is one
    the name of which
    I cannot now recall,
    the street where I encountered
    that languid mulatta beauty,
    her cornflower dress
    the emblem of summer;
    the taste of her,
    the taste of wine
    spices and licorice:
    hidden amongst life’s ephemera
    is a humid verandah evening
    lit by a glimmering radio dial,
    its lyrical stream wrapping
    the cloying air with
    a faded era and style,
    of Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles
    to which I swayed and lost myself
    with her in the taste of wine,
    spices and licorice,
    and in the morning
    I was found
    on that street
    the name of which
    I never knew.

    ( the poem “Inconsequential”was posted originally on ) feel free to post and share/distribute

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